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Sketchi 2 by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv Sketchi 2 :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 0 0 Me. by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv Me. :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 0 Swing by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv Swing :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 0 0
.    .
I follow by the licking of my own,
                      I'll OD if I can.
Love Is
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 0 3
Right Now.
I finally let you
To a place far
Somewhere in my
I hate my old
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 0
Feeling Safe
I went through a stage
Where I was crushing
              on him
This time I didnt
         want to do this
I think...
I could just...
                                          "It's okay, It's okay"
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 0
Never Felt This Way Before
the way
        I Could Just
              Wrap my arms
His hand
                       up and down
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 0
Letter To You
Like I said;
Couldnt take it anymore.
too many things.
I feel empty,
like a whole from beside me
has been ripped from
my skeletal structure.
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 2 5
Lonely by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv Lonely :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 0 5
There is a fine line...Ch.5
I pick it up.
"Oh shit," I mumbled. I looked at the text. "How am I even going to do this? Delta, why do you, I mean, how do you get yourself into these kind of predicaments.?" I was quite fond of scolding myself.
I thought deep and hard on this. My parents already were hesitant on the fact I went to dinner with Boy George but going to his house would be completely unacceptable.
I then thought, "Wait, wait, wait...Delta, you have a ton of friends who would drive you...duh!" These were the times where I wish I was a brunette.
So I called the safest teenage driver I knew, Evan. Okay, so he wasnt the safest but he was definetly the most available.
He always drove Allysen and I to walmart, I'm sure he could spare a day.
I looked at the clock and it was almost midnight. I decided that this probably would not be the best time to call him.
I woke up the next day and had a gut feeling that this was actually going to work. I threw on a plai
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 2 3
There is a fine line...Ch.4
I had noticed that Boy George had placed our seat near a window. This arrangement, honestly, made me a bit paranoid. Even though we were in a secluded section of the restaurant, I could still faintly see ,through the tinted windows of the place, the flashes of the paparazzi trying to get a decent photo. Boy George noticed me glancing nervously out of the window every few seconds.
"Dont fret," He took my hand. I was startled for a moment and soon I had calmed down. "You'll get used to the flashes."
"Hopefully," I quietly muttered. My eyes jolted everywhere in our current environment and seemed to end up on Boy George.
"Dont worry love," I paused for a! Well maybe he just uses that term for friends or something. He continued to speak. "Trust me, everyone goes through the paparazzi-followed stage in life, I guess this is your time. Plus, when its gone, you'll miss it."
As he finished his thought the waiter had fetched us drinks and he placed them on the table, the special t
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 4
There is a fine line...Ch.3
I held the phone in my hand even after he hung up. I couldnt believe that I had just gotten a phone call from on the of the best known 80s icons and he wanted to have dinner with me! I scurried into the kitchen where my mother stood there, washing dishes.
"Mom!" I yelped.
"What?" She almost dropped the plate she was drying and quickly spun around, whipping water in my face.
"Y'know how Boy George pulled me aside at the studio?" I wiped the water from the bridge of my nose.
"Well, he wanted to have dinner with me to discuss my future in the music industry!"
My mom replied with a not-so-enthusiastic face and a grimacing,
"So he made reservations for tomorrow night at the Chinese restaurant up in the plaza and the reservations are at six. But I have honestly no clue what time I'll be home though."
"Just make sure your home before eleven or dad'll have your hide."
So I texted Boy George that I had to be home before eleven and he totally understood. He was like the father
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 2 3
There is a fine line... Ch.2
He took hold of my small, pale hand and led the way to the stage. I wasnt used to a live audience, peering at my every move and breath. I could feel the butterflies migrate back to my stomach.
This was a dream, I tried to convince myself, this cant be real I thought. As far as I saw, it was reality. Boy George, being famous, was all so real now. As the crowd caught sight of Boy George and I holding hand with each other I could see some audience members leaning over to their neighbors to gossip about a 15-year-old holding hands with Boy George.
The first thing the interviewer asked us about was our entrance.
"I saw your entrance you two, is there anything we need to know about?" The interviewer rested their elbow on their knee. Once he said this, the crowd gasped and 'oohed' all at the same time.
"No," Boy George stated with a smile,"there is merely a mutual friendship between Delta and I."
"Yeah, only a friendship." I added as my cheeks grew the color of ripe tom
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 0
There is a fine line...
'Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon...'
It played over and over again in my head.
The hit 1980s song that took the world by a storm when released in 1982. That and 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?' flung all of the hormone crazy girls into the androgynous, cross-dressing arms of the lead singer Boy George.
This is my tale. Its different but, the same. I fell into Boy George's arms...literally.
It all had started when I released a single on the internet which took the radios by a landslide. The song I released was a cover of Karma Chameleon, the song that Boy George had originally made. I grew up with that song. It was always stuck in my head and tended to brighten up my day. It was like a thread of light on my storm-cloud. So, I figured that I would make a cover of it. Apparently this song was the ticket to my stardom. Luckily enough, my song found its way to media purchasing websites and was the first real hit for me. I was ca
:icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 2 3
They Just Met. by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv They Just Met. :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 0 7 Vacation to DisneyWorld TorXei by TokioHotelKaulitzLuv Vacation to DisneyWorld TorXei :icontokiohotelkaulitzluv:TokioHotelKaulitzLuv 1 9

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Reminds You Of The Babe
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I'm that one girl.
with the one hair
and those blue eyes.
remember me?
thought so.

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I am really sorry I didnt get back to anyone who messaged me or what not.

I started up school again and I was in my school play and my sister got married and such and its just been hell.

I thank you for all who have stuck with me. <3 Much love.

If you guys wouldnt mind but to follow my other account :icon-Desirable-At-Best:

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